Website Content Creation

I have known Ruth Ann for several years and worked with her on a number of web content projects. She reliably delivers high-quality web copy. She works so well with my clients! I heartily recommend her to anyone looking to improve the content on their website.

Web Designer/Web Consultant /Studio Owner

I managed a team of freelance writers at a Phoenix-based digital marketing agency, and it is my pleasure to write this recommendation for Ruth Ann Monti. Ruth Ann was one of our “go-to” writers, and I count on her to cover a wide variety of topics including business, lifestyle, and tech. She is thorough, her research is superb and her writing is clear and concise. She always meets her deadlines and can easily change course if an assignment warrants it. If you’re considering hiring Ruth Ann for freelance work, I heartily recommend her. I only wish there were more of her!

Writer, Editor, Content Marketer & Leader

I had the pleasure to work with Ruth Ann for two years. Her expertise, work ethic and drive for perfection were second to none. Her understanding of electronic communication enables her to write copy that takes into account new technologies. She was given several demanding projects and she never let me or Anthem Education down. I highly recommend Ruth Ann.

Husband, father, prolific marketer, brand strategist, designer, writer, artist, photographer and part-time activist.

Ruth Ann is a fantastic writer who is intelligent, passionate, and has a wonderful desire to learn. We worked as copywriters together at Anthem Education and I was always impressed with her creative ideas and ability to produce high-quality content quickly to meet deadlines. She also trained me on how to use WordPress when I first started. I know Ruth Ann would be a valuable asset to any organization.

Freelance Writer and Editor

Content Creation and Search Engine Optimization

I have had the pleasure of speaking with Ruth Ann several times. She is very knowledgeable when it comes to websites and SEO. Writing seems to come naturally to her and II can tell that she loves what she’s doing. After our first chat I used some of her free advice to make some changes to my website and a few days later I had some new clients give me a call.

I can’t wait to see what else we can accomplish. I am definitely going to use more of her services. Give her a call today! You won’t regret it.

Certified Hypnotherapist (Self-employed), Hypnotherapeutin

I worked with Ruth Ann for a couple of years. She provided great content for the website, knows how to use content management systems like WordPress, and is able to produce great content. She also knows a lot about SEO-optimized content because she did so much work on that at Anthem Education. She would be a great addition to any team looking for a copywriter.

Engineering Executive ︱Agile Leader ︱ SaaS Architect

I got lucky enough to work with Ruth Ann after going through a few content writers and social media managers. She was able to manage and succeed at both of these tasks for me in a quality and timely manner. I’ve been extremely impressed with how she constantly comes up with engaging topics during times when it just seems like there’s no new content to be written. I’ve already recommended her to a past partner and would certainly recommend her again.

Business owner and web host

Content Marketing

Ruth Ann has been fantastic and has helped us get our social media and email marketing efforts under control. I highly recommend her. She will make a great addition to your team.

Businessman and designer/manufacturer of fine brass products.

Ruth Ann is a great member of any marketing team. During my time at Anthem Education Group, I found her to be a creative and energetic team player with a can-do attitude. She worked with our students to find creative ways to tell their stories, their lives, and how Anthem Education really benefited them. Her writing attracted more students to Anthem. Telling our students stories through press releases, social media, and other public relations activities produced a positive result for the Anthem school system. I would recommend Ruth Ann to any organization looking to boost its brand.

Admissions & Enrollment Executive

Ruth Ann is a professional above all else. She’s always there to help out on complex or simple projects – she has an efficient turnaround time, never missing a deadline. She is a well-rounded writer that can change gears as needed – creative or press-release styles are within her range. Then there is the humor, she’s a funny and vibrant person. She writes to her audience very well, an attribute I appreciated when working with her on marketing projects. Ruth Ann also possesses a solid set of WordPress and SEO skills which are invaluable to a team.

Director of Marketing, Digital – Marketing Communications

Ruth Ann has a talent for quickly turning out engaging, compelling business content. She writes informatively on complex topics and her production is fluid and seamless. When appropriate, she can add a touch of humor. Ruth Ann is current on all the latest, ever-evolving social platforms and software. Highest recommendation, you can’t go wrong.


Ruth Ann has a great flair for writing and an enthusiastic outlook on life. Ruth Ann never backed down from a challenge and was always available to me and others to help us produce a quality website for Anthem Education Group. She produces high-quality content quickly and works well under pressure. No task was too big for her to handle. She has a very solid understanding of SEO theories and writes her content to be very SEO friendly. She was able to help Anthem Education Group to show higher in organic searches as a direct result of her writing. I would highly recommend Ruth Ann for any writing job she applies for.

Director of Client Services


I am very pleased to recommend Ruth Ann Monti as a writer and editor. Ruth Ann wrote several extensive and substantive blog posts for me that received more than 100,000 unique views each.

She is a highly-respected independent editor and accomplished writer who is able to delve into complicated issues, making them simple for the average reader while not losing the import of her arguments.

John Kiriakou
Radio Talk Show Host

After working with Ruth Ann for about a year, that fact says it all. Her research and writing are excellent. She is very creative and always able to come up with a topic to write about. Most important of all, she does what she says she’ll do. Her work arrived when it was promised to arrive, something really important for my business. I highly recommend Ruth Ann.

Digital Marketing Strategist and Coach

Newsletter Writing

I’m delighted to recommend Ruth Ann Monti because I know the focus and dedication she brings to her work. This smart, articulate professional has an eye for detail, a strong work ethic, a quick wit, and a passion for what she does. Ruth Ann also has a knack for staying up-to-minute with the latest news and trends. It was a pleasure working with her at HIDA. We continued a great professional relationship continues through our involvement in Professional Women in Healthcare.

Retired  Association Director

I worked with Ruth Ann Monti at a consulting firm in Silver Spring, Maryland. We shared a small cubicle, working in very close quarters that could have made co-workers very uncomfortable. Not so for us. I found Ruth Ann to be congenial and very easygoing. Her sense of humor, more than once, brought perspective to the highly charged work we did as consultants working under deadlines on time-sensitive projects.

When she started writing health-related articles for the online Examiner, I looked forward to each installment with anticipation. Her work showed research – is a tireless researcher – and great insights into the issues she was reporting on for her readers. As always, her sense of humor drove points home. An absolute joy to read.

Writer and Editor

Ruth Ann did a great job on a newsletter for our non-profit group. She had great ideas on what our readers were interested in and offered tidbits of information that we would not have otherwise considered. Her creativity in the content was ingenious. She always had the newsletter prepared on time and ran with and expanded our basic ideas. She needs only your basic information to take off running. I would certainly recommend her for any of your creative writing needs.

Legal Assistant

Writing & Editing

I needed an editor for a children’s book, and I’m glad I found Ruth Ann. She did a fine job, and it was a pleasure working with her.

Technical Writer

I worked with Ruth Ann for almost three years. I find her to be professional, helpful and a go-to person in her area of expertise. Very creative with the ability to work in an ever-changing fast-paced and deadline-driven environment, Ruth Ann proved to be an asset to her department and the company.


Ruth Ann helped me with setting up my LinkedIn page and my website. She is accessible, reliable, and solution-oriented. She has abundant patience for questions and is able to explain technical issues in plain English.

Susan Sandys
Arizona Trusts, Wills, Living Wills, Probate Attorney

Ruth Ann and I worked together as proposal writers. I admired her work ethic, as well as her great writing and research skills. In her role, she worked closely with the sales staff, particularly those who sold specialty drug services to healthplans and used her interviewing skills to draw out information about prospective clients that they may not have initially thought was important.

She also helped our team establish a usable proposal database, and was an active supporter of keeping information up to date. I enjoyed working with Ruth Ann and would recommend her for writing and research services.