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Is your social media content supporting your overall marketing efforts?

  • How often do you update the content on your social media pages?
  • What about the content you put out there? Are your posts or tweets being shared?
  • Are you able to check you social media sites at least once a day to see if there are questions that need answering?

If you don’t have the time to monitor your social media or social media content, let me handle some or all of it for you.

Social Media Reflects Your Brand

Social media is supposed to fun to use; that’s why it remains successful.

However, when you use them for business purposes, be sure they stress the positive values of how you work and conduct your personal life. Because in today’s world, how you use your social media reflects your brand. Your brand can easily become (or be seen as) an extension of you.

I’ll give you an example. I’m on a few different sites for TimeStorm Communications and often use my image with my business. I’m sending a message that I am my business (the truth of course) but this means I need better be careful about what I post and repost.

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A Few Good Rules About Separating Your Business and Personal Posting

Here are a handful of guidelines if you have personal and business accounts on the same platform

  • Keep separate accounts for your personal and business use. Most sites now offer separate business and personal accounts.
  • Customers use social media for customer service purposes, so be sure to check your accounts often, every day if possible.
  • Don’t  share everything that interests you. First consider the broad or narrow appeal of a post you like. But it’s perfectly fine to put out something a little different from your usual fare. Just be sure it isn’t offensive – even if you’re only posting on a personal page.
  • Schedule your posts for different times. One guy I follow sends out great information, but he shares about 30 items at once. He’s crowding my pages!
  • Retweet and repost. People like it when they see their work shared. It can also increase your own social media presence.

LinkedIn is Today’s Yellow Pages

If you aren’t on LinkedIn, get on it. LinkedIn serves the same function that YellowPages did before the Web.

LinkedIn’s basic services are free for business and personal use. The personal pages are pretty robust and let you join an unlimited number of groups and post on other personal pages, sort of like a business version of Facebook minus the more freewheeling style you find there.

Functions for basic (free) business page are more limited (you can only join three groups) but they have better advertising tools. They are particularly useful for B2B businesses and brands.

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