Web Content Development

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How’s Your Website Doing?

Many businesses invest a considerable amount of time and money to put up attractive websites.

Once a beautiful site is up, it needs content to tell the world or a  local audience how they can help them.

No Time to Write?

Business owners often have a lot to say, but they may not have the time to put it into words that speak to customers. This is where a professional writer who happens to love writing can help!

You have lots of ideas for topics to address on your website or in articles. I help small and medium-size businesses put their ideas in print.

I can work from an outline of your ideas, rough drafts, or with access to information you want to highlight on your website or in an article. For example, I can interview your subject matter experts (including you of course) to bolster my own research and what I’ve learned from your materials.

Web Content Organization

My services include developing and organizing web content, which involves:

  • Creating content that helps potential customers find you on the web and share with like-minded friends and contacts. While keywords and links are still important, your Number One priority is to deliver a website with relevant, well-written content. (Keyword stuffing and paid links are things of a dark, “black hat” past!)
  • Making sure your content is relevant to your customers and reflected in your blogs and messages.
  • Organizing content into useful “chunks” of information that can be read on mobile devices, particularly small smartphone screens.
  • Linking to social media pages and sites known for their authority on the topics.
  • Advising on branding and graphics use.

I watch trends in the increasingly complex SEO* world as well, taking note of new practices and critical search engine updates.

The best SEO rule? Write what’s relevant to your audience.

And once that website is up, I can help you market it so people will find it more easily. Even the greatest-looking site needs marketing support.

*Search Engine Optimization, the writing practices that power web searches

Long-form Word Press logo
I prefer WordPress for websites and blogging.

Get a WordPress Site!

I work with skilled WordPress developers if you’re interested in creating a specific look. We know each other from local WordPress groups here in Arizona and work together on projects like WordCamp Phoenix and other local conferences.

WordPress is easy to use and is a great tool for organizing your content, including photos and videos.

Let’s talk about your business’ web content! Email me today!


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