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High Noon at the Nail Saloon

I had barely noticed a woman on her cellphone when I entered the nail salon. But about halfway through the treatment, I heard her loud and clear. Continue Reading High Noon at the Nail Saloon

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Falling Off the Phone Tree

I’ve become pretty familiar with phone trees since I started providing phone captioning services for people with hearing disabilities. This service is provided free from the Federal government through phone service taxes. But many of its users struggle with automated answering tools businesses use to reduce the number of live customer service agents. Here in… Continue Reading Falling Off the Phone Tree

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When a Coupon Isn’t a Reward

A couple of years ago, I wrote a post on LinkedIn about making customer rewards like coupons worthwhile to customers. I relayed a story from a friend about a spelling-challenged bakery that had mangled the spelling of her son’s name on his birthday cake. In exchange for their trouble, she got a complimentary mini-quiche and access… Continue Reading When a Coupon Isn’t a Reward