My Favorite Writing Resources

There are lots of writing resources out there that cover a lot of different types of content development. I often turn to the resources on this list for insights and tips on writing articles and white papers, blogging, search engine optimization (SEO), and social media.

I turn to these writing and blogging resources for topic ideas and best practices:

For SEO, I like

For Social Media:

You’ll find quite a bit of overlap among these categories. It’s hard to be only a “writing resource” given that there are now so many kinds of writing and techniques to think about!

  • Neil Patel is a marketer at heart with great tips on content development.
  • Larry Kim can write about anything under the sun and it’s almost always useful.
  • Grammar Girl is fun to read! I’ve been a fan since I heard her on NPR about 15 years ago talking about putting yellow sticky notes to correct typos on signs around Boston. I could have used one for the sign below at Lake Mary between Flagstaff and Payson, Arizona.

    Annoying typo on osprey sign at Lake Mary, Arizona.
    Fishing for “it’s” food? Grrr! And I didn’t have a Sharpie and sticky post with me to correct it.

If the pop-ups on some (OK, many) of these sites annoy you, you can check out LinkedIn posts by the individuals behind these resources where there are fewer interruptions. Unfortunately, even if you subscribe to these blogs, you will still get popups asking you to subscribe or download a resource you might already have. Sometimes they get a little snippy: “What? You don’t want to get more traffic on your website?”


Personally, I love LinkedIn. (Feel free to link with me; just tell me you saw this page.) Not only have I picked up several clients from it, it always has something that interests me.

Do you have a great resource to share? Let me know and I’ll add it here!

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