About TimeStorm Communications

TimeStorm Communications is a content development company with a focus on online communications to support small and medium-sized businesses.

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Struggling to write? Let me do it for you!

Content development should emphasizes features that help businesses stand out from the competetion and reach customers looking for their specific services or products.

Content Development Includes Optimizing What You Write

The content you have on your website and in your blogs and articles may be well-written, but not terribly effective. That’s because it hasn’t been optimized to get attention from your target audience.

I’m talking about SEO, which makes web content more effective. People who say they specialize in SEO may not even be writers, but they know how to customize good writing to maximize its impact. I’m one of those who can do both for you: I can write, and I can optimize.

  • I write in an active sense, which makes content easier to read and digest. Here’s a great explanation about active vs. passive voice in writing from the University of Wisconsin.
  • I arrange content so it’s easier to see on mobile. Most people now visit the web through their smartphones. I arrange content to appeal to the small screen, with shorter sentences and paragraphs and more white space.
  • I produce usable content that answers readers’ queries. This is where keywords come in. Most people search with a keyword phrase, which is always good to use in content when it fits in. I always look at Google’s list of similar searches for additional keywords and phrases that flow better with the content.

Before I do any writing, I’ll interview you for insights into what makes your business stand out and how customers have been finding you. This process provides important clues to how customers find your products and services.

My Writing Services Will Help You Stay on Message!

You’re probably marketing to customers through a lot of venues:

  • Website
  • Social media
  • Email
  • Mailers/Flyers
  • Sell sheets

With all these outlets, you can hardly be blamed if signals get mixed. I’ll help you develop and stay on message. I’ll check to make sure all your marketing efforts carry a call-to-action and include contact information.

Of course your messaging will change over time as you introduce new products and services. But you still want to keep a core message about your business that makes sense. This is why  America Runs on Dunkin, but “finger-lickin’ good!” has been retired.

Here’s a fun read on famous corporate mottos.

Got a question for me? Email me and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

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