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Website Content Samples

Here are some of the websites I’ve worked on for customers. These are examples of new, original content I create by interviewing clients to determine what helps them stand out from their competitors.

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AZKidznMore – a Scottsdale institution!

Arizona Kidz n More. I’ve been managing this site since 2009, when I built it for a local neighborhood shop. I’ve overseen its content and design since then. We updated it with a new theme and added new content after the business relocated. I researched themes for businesses targeted kids and developed content based on keywords from marketing materials the client provided. I also ensured the business is listed in several local directories.

VITech Mechanical. This company did some plumbing work for me and we talked about their website, which was created with GoDaddy’s Website Builder software.

VITech Plumbing website homepage
I reworked this site using GoDaddy’s Website Builder.

It was OK, but the content was thin and the images used weren’t entirely appropriate. So they hired me to re-organize the site and add useful content, images, and optimize as much as the software will allow. I wouldn’t recommend this software—I’m too much of a WordPress fangirl—and I am concerned that it doesn’t offer click-to-call links, an essential tool for just about any business website.

Organizing by Doreen, LLC. A web developer colleague recommended me to produce fresh content for his client’s new site. I interviewed the client, developed new content to present to her, added in her feedback, and optimized each page before the site went live in April 2016.

Arizona Employment Attorney. I rewrote the content for this local attorney whose practice includes representing employees and employers in workplace disputes.

Blog and Article Content Samples for Your Consideration

It’s not always easy to find time to blog and not everyone enjoys blogging. But I love blogging.

My customers turn to me to maintain or create blogs in their own voices so that they are 100% theirs. A lot of my work, though, is ghostwriting and you won’t see my name on these pieces.

Here are a few blogs and articles with my byline. They include new content I’ve gathered on my own as well as curated content, which amounts to doing a lot of research and representing the findings in a new angle and/or to new audiences. The best-curated content brings something new to the topic.


My periodic blogs on LinkedIn discussing content development, SEO, and other marketing topics.


Be sure to visit my blog Life, Liberty, and Marketing for All, also located on this site. And yes, I’m happy to be your ghostwriter.

21st Century Tech Blog

LeadersWest digital marketing journal:

Case Studies Benefit Business and Customers

Living Better 50:

Mother Earth Living:

Manage Time-Consuming Social Networks

Everyone wants to be on Facebook and Twitter, but that is often time-consuming for small business owners. Customers who leave messages on Facebook business pages expect a response within two hours, according to an American Express study. Twitter users have similar expectations.

But not all social media serves the same audiences. You need effective messaging for different sites. Let me super-charge your Facebook page and Twitter messages and identify news to share with your followers here and on LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Reddit.

In 2016, I set up a Yelp page for a client who “doesn’t do” social media, nor does she advertise. But within a year, her business gained Yelp’s People Love Us badge. She’s currently ranked one of the 20 best in her industry in Scottsdale, Arizona. I also ensured she claimed her Google listing, which was extremely helpful after she moved her business to a new location.

Finally, I can train customers to use social media networks and WordPress software. I also assist with domain name research, registration, and identifying a host who matches their comfort level. For example, I recommend GoDaddy for clients who will need assistance on troubleshooting problems going forward.

Local, Expert Partnerships Deliver Customized Services

I certainly can’t do everything on the web, so I’ve identified a number of people who are good at things we wish we could master. I can bring in photographers, WordPress experts, a local site host, and an artist to produce customized logos or other images. Many are local to the Phoenix, Arizona area and well-known in their fields.

Questions? Send me an email and I’ll respond promptly and honestly.

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